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For your convenience, all waiver forms and releases for the 2020 season can be found on this page. All forms are now digital. Adults (18+) each need to complete their own waivers. Parents/legal Guardians select one of the add minor options on your waivers. We encourage you to fill out all applicable waivers before you arrive to save time.

*Note that minor children (ages 17 and younger) will not be able to purchase daily tickets, season passes, rental equipment or lessons without the appropriate waiver signed by their parent or legal guardian.

Summer Activity Releases

Summer Tubing Release – 2020

A Tubing Release form must be filled out for each tubing participant.

Water Participants Release – 2020

Anyone participating in a water sports activity will need to complete a Water Participants Release.


Bowfest Release – 2020

All persons attending Bowfest 2020 will need to fill out a release of liability form.

Archery Release – 2020

If you plan to shoot our archery courses outside of our Bowfest event you will need to fill out an archery release of liability form.